A flexible healthcare solution for your business

We work hard to improve existing programs and add new services — with a goal of keeping employees healthier and our clients fiscally sound. CapCare Re enables your business to reduce healthcare costs and manage claims more efficiently without sacrificing coverage.

National physician network

CapCare Re provides members access to Aetna’s and Cigna’s national physician networks

No hospital restrictions

A member may go to any available hospital facility, as there are no network restrictions

Improved cash flow

Fast turn-around times for stop-loss claim reimbursements to improve your cash-flow

Save up to 25% annually

Reference-based pricing

Our Cost Plus reference-based pricing program can save businesses an average of 25% annually on health benefit costs. Vendor physician panels perform line-by-line facility claim reviews to ensure accurate and reasonable pricing of medical services.

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Our Cost Plus reference-based pricing saves $150,000 per 100 employees, an average reduction of 25% compared to a PPO

Recapture underwriting profits

Profit sharing

Surpluses may be credited back to the participants in the form of premium credits. A portion of all surplus is retained within the program to aid in offsetting potential adverse loss. Premium credits are calculated proportionally to each client’s contribution to the gross premium.

Reversing the healthcare trend

CapCare provides long-term stabilized pricing and coverage availability independent of the insurance industry’s market cycles

Current trend
Overall healthcare cost On average, employer healthcare costs have increased 20% in the past 5 years and are projected to increase 9% annually CapCare Re clients see a 15-25% average reduction in total costs in the first year, with little-to-no increases in subsequent years
Employee cost Many employers are pushing the increased costs down to their employees, increasing deductibles and premiums In many cases, employers share the savings with their employees, lowering the deductibles and premiums
Savings While pushing the cost down has a major negative effect on employees, it provides minimal savings for the plan CapCare Re not only saves money through our Cost Plus program, but stop-loss premiums are also significantly lower
Level of care Employers are also reducing the care options for their employees as a cost cutting measure Many clients have used their savings to increase and improve offerings for employees, giving them a better plan at a lower cost
Member representation 43 million Americans have medical debt and 62% of US bankruptcies are related to medical bills. PPOs provide no defense to their members to address these issues CapCare Re provides fierce member advocacy and defense, representing and defending the member and the plan throughout the claim process

Take control of healthcare costs

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